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Wed 20

Behind the Mask: Purim at the LJS

20th March at 7:00 pm - 9:15 pm


Letter sent by the LJS

to the London Central Mosque

The LJS has sent the following letter to Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan, Director of the London Central Mosque and the Islamic Cultural Centre in Regents Park, London.

Dear Dr Al Dubayan,
I write on behalf of the Rabbis, Council and members of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue to extend our deepest sympathy and to associate ourselves in compassion with those murdered and wounded…

Thought for the week

A rabbi reflects on the events

of the last seven days

Dear Members and Friends,

It happened in the days of David Cameron – that David Cameron who ruled over one of the twenty-eight provinces of the European Union, certain discontents in his court, seeing the economy turn sour and resenting the migration of foreign peoples from one continent to another coming into their land, urged their leader to break away from what they saw as the tyranny of Brussels.….

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An Important Discussion on Ethical Eating

for Modern Jews

In this sermon, Rabbi Elana Dellal explores how the traditional laws of Kashrut might be applied to our modern day. By exploring values found in our Torah, such as the compassionate treatment of animals, ethical engagement with labourers and environmental protection, Rabbi Dellal questions if ethical eating might be more true to the original intent of our ancient laws around keeping kosher.

We’re Recruiting

Project Administrator

for the LJS Drop-in for Asylum Seeker Families

Apply by 19 April for this rewarding role with our drop-in. Click below for more information and a job description.



Based on a new  book of essays of inter-religions learning and dialogues, edited  by Rabbi Tony Bayfield. Click below for more information, including your speaker line-up.  LJS Members – free of charge. Non-members, £10 per session.