COVID-19 Coronavirus  Pandemic

The safety and health of our community

and city is of utmost importance.

While our building is closed,

our dedicated staff team and rabbis

remain working for the community.

Contact our office if we can be of assistance.

 020 7286 5181 or

Our  Shabbat  services:

18.45 on Friday evenings and
11.00 on Saturday mornings

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Services are currently only accessible on You Tube, NOT through the usual LJS link for livestream

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Notice of LJS AGM

24 June 2020

Call for Council Nominations

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Nominations must be submitted in writing

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Thought for the week

A rabbi reflects on the events

of the last seven days

Dear Members and Friends,

I don’t know if it’s the right thing to ask you how you are? I know some of you are coping amazingly well, on the phone to family and friends, neighbours and fellow members of the LJS, seeing if they are OK and keeping their spirits up. Some of you may be anxious and worried especially about friends or family who have the COVID-19 virus and who have been or are very unwell. You are very much in our…

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